Advanced Animation Timing for CG



The Time Filter is an animation timing tool for CG productions, designed to give CG animation 2D-style timing with ease. It was used in such productions as the XPICE music video, Samurai Frog Golf, and ONI: Thunder God’s Tale among others, and was featured at SIGGRAPH 2023 as the opening presentation of the Advances in Animation Tools session.



This video explains the basic operations of the Time Filter. See how to set up a filter, how to apply a camera offset with a simple demo scene, and how it is used in an actual production.

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This video delves deeper and goes under the hood to discuss the methods, the construction of the filters, and the math behind the camera offset network. This video is meant for advanced users and technical teams.

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If you wish to build a Time Filter system of your own, it is recommended that you read the full published paper HERE

If you did not get a chance to see the live presentation at SIGGRAPH 2023, the slides are freely available HERE



The Time Filter was conceived and implemented by Brent Forrest, but would not have been possible without the invaluable help of

Gaetan Guidet
Lead Engineer
Kim Sol
Production Engineer
Takamasa Matsunari
Production Engineer
Shashwat Brambatt
Animation Supervisor
Stephane Mangin
Animation Director
Hiroaki Mita
Production Manager
Mayumi Tachikawa
Senior Vice President
Haruhiro Uchida
Deputy Managing Director
Tatsuya Akagi
Production Director



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