Chi goes to Okinawa! "Chi's Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation" coming exclusively to Netflix this July!

Chi goes to Okinawa! "Chi's Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation" coming exclusively to Netflix this July!

Third installment of the Chi’s Sweet Adventure series, “Chi’s Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation” is coming exclusively to Netflix in July 2024! New characters and their voice actors have been announced, along with the release of a new visual and teaser video.
More of the main staff was also revealed, including the team of CG supervisors from MARZA.
The series is a 3D CG anime based on the popular manga “Chi’s Sweet Home,” which has sold more than 3.5 million copies across 23 countries and regions. This will be the third installment of the series, with the first and second seasons released in 2016 and 2018, respectively. This time, Chi and the Yamada family are off to Okinawa for summer vacation!
In the newly released visual for the series, Chi with a hibiscus flower on her head plays on the beach with her new friends: Tiida, Umikaji, and Champuru. In the background, Yohei is watching over the kittens with an energetic new character, Aina. Among the newly announced cast are Serizawa Yu, Tanaka Aimi, Kuninaka Kanae, and Aikawa Rikako, among others.
In the teaser, Dad is suddenly asked to join a project that’s in trouble: In Okinawa! He plans to head there alone, but Mom and Yohei object. It isn’t fair and they want to go too! After a family meeting, they decide to take the whole family to Okinawa, including Chi. What awaits the Yamadas in Okinawa are new encounters and friends, as well as adventures and discoveries, all bursting with the charm of Chi’s Sweet Adventure.
Anime series “Chi’s Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation” will be released exclusively on Netflix this July!

■"Chi’s Sweet Adventure: Summer Vacation" synopsis

Welcome back, Chi! This time sweet home is off to Okinawa!
The energetic kitten Chi lives with her beloved owner Yohei and the Yamada family. This summer, Dad is called on an emergency business trip to Okinawa. Worried about who will take care of Chi, he plans on going alone. However, Yohei and Mom are set on going with him, and the whole family sets off for the tropical paradise.
What awaits them is the shining sun, the vast ocean and…?
The popular “Chi’s Sweet Adventure” series is back for a third season! The curtain is about to rise on Chi and Yohei’s new encounters and adventure during their summer vacation in Okinawa.



Chi: Satomi Korogi
Yohei: Ryoko Shiraishi
Mom: Maaya Sakamoto
Dad: Makoto Yasumura
Kocchi: Motoko Kumai
Kuroino: Rikiya Koyama
Aina: Yu Serizawa
Tiida: Aimi Tanaka
Umikaji: Kanae Kuninaka
Champuru: Rikako Aikawa
Obaa: Miki Nagasawa
Ojii: Ryosuke Higa

Based on

Kanata Konami “Chi’s Sweet Home”
(Originally serialized in the MORNING Magazine published by KODANSHA Ltd.)


Kiminori Kusano

Story Editor

Misuzu Chiba


Kenji Kondo, Kei Kawano

Associate Director

Kenichi Kutsuna

Assistant Director

Shunsuke Fukui

CG Supervisors

Keisuke Iwai, Ryoya Otani, Takuro Matsuda


Junichi Ito (Jay Film)

Sound Directors

Kenichi Kutsuna, Masashi Sato

Sound Effects

Kaori Yamada

Sound Production


Animation by



“Chi” Committee 2023

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